Thursday, July 1, 2010

Floors. And Boxes.

Today was another good day. I like good days.

This morning I got all the wall boxes nailed up and ready to take some wire. Also went to South Fork and got another 11 sheets of 3/4 T&G plywood. Then I came back and changed the propane tanks because the fridge was outta gas. Then I did a little more rearranging of the box world in there and started tearing up flooring.

I'm tearing out four 8 X 12 sheets of slightly water damaged particle board. We coulda used the board that's there but it's covered in two nasty lays of vinyl flooring, it's pitted, the two sides of the house don't meet that well.....

You get the idea.

I got all but three feet of the flooring across the 16 foot width. So tomorrow I'll hammer and bar the glue off and then take the grinder to it. Thank goodness I have a spare grinding wheel since I've already gone through one of 'em. Then I'll start laying the tongue and groove alternating so X does not mark the spot (which is always bad). Once that's done and hopefully all done tomorrow I'll mark the joists for a liberal screwing by some help we hope to have this weekend.




Then this weekend we'll have a wiring party. I got 36 can lights to space out through the place so we can use low wattage lamps and still make it look well lit. About the only electrical part I don't have is the panel and a couple fart fans. :D Oh and those pesky $50 breakers. I think I'll try Home Depot or Lowes for the panel.... they're kinda pricy here.

Only another week before I return to my day job.

I think I'll welcome the rest.

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