Sunday, June 24, 2012

Maintaince and prep

This weekend was prep weekend. We did a little bit of fixing and finishing and a bit of prep and planning.

The range hood over the stove? Now finally properly installed and cleaned.

Floors swept and mopped and vacuumed.

3 year old watched and played with Friday night and Saturday.

Joint shopping trip that was fun.

Trashed and dented barbecue grill disassembled pounded flat/round/angled reassembled and screwed to the deck, then cleaned and prepped for summer.

Wii games played.

LOTS of laundry done.

Footprint of new building laid down, rearranged, re-staked out and decided on.

Goats and Llama and Alpaca babied and treated and sat with and played with.

Little messes in the corners picked up and put where they go.

Now if it would just rain.......

Friday, June 22, 2012

GIANT camel from the place we got the new alpaca

We got one Of these. A suri. Good birthday present. And the guy, Dean, has GIANT camels too.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012


My new suri baby girl meeting the goats and hazel (the llama mama)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maintainance and prep weekend

It's been the weekend for upkeep and prep. :D

We're having a bit of a struggle with the bee hives. Since both blew down in the crazy assed winds from our drought..... we've moved both of them. The Buckfast hive seems to be doing well but the Carniolians are struggling. They keep clustering outside the hive, we're figuring that the queen got smashed in the destruction. At this point Brent from Grandpa's Honey just emailed me and he has a couple queens and some nucs left so we can at least still get a hive going for them.

Yesterday we volunteered at the Roots fest in Alamosa with ALMA. I rolled in getting a ton of hay for the critters and that worked out well. So now our drama queen Stanley the goat has a whole pile of hay. We got 2 bales last year and that lasted about 9 months. This year we're getting the hay 3 months earlier so I'm going to get 4 bales and we won't end up hunting for hay just before they cut (and when the protein content is too high for our goats anyway). See....

Education time.....

The first hay cutting of alfalfa is the richest in protein and the content goes down with each successive cutting. IF you know a farmer you can still get one big bale when they cut the first harvest in early June. This is because they leave a bale in the chute of their baler through the winter. SO... that means you get a nice old bale from last years second or third cutting. And they have to get rid of it and it's composition makes it essentially worthless for dairy cattle or horses so you get a deal. :D I love a deal.

education time over.....

Today we'll work on a layout for the studio/apartment and we hope to get a building shell up before winter. Good luck us.

Also we'll lounge in bed with coffee and internets and music until it's almost to late to accomplish anything. I love Sundays.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sun goddess entering the 5th world

OK..... I forgot to rotate the darned thing. :D This was in a rebuilt Kiva at Spruce Tree House in Mesa Verde. It was very cool to get to enter one, and I really enjoyed that the sun was so bright when leaving.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunset on the canyon

This was our last night at the Grand Canyon and we made it out to see the sunset. This was on a nice ledge, overlooking the Colorado River. We went during a really good time, not too many folks there in the  beginning of June.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our "new" RV at spot #116, Juniper Loop, Grand Canyon, AZ 0I812
Pronounced Oh I ate One Two. :D

We spent over a month fixing up the old '77 Dodge Tioga for the trip and it would appear that we did just fine. The motor held up fine, and though it got a little hot going up hill in a heavy wind in the desert in the afternoon (go figure) the old beast just kept going. I did the structural repairs and Crys made new curtains with a little help from our Sis and Niece. We fixed the water, the roof vents, the roof, and all kinda other stuff. Now we'll have it and working well for years to come.

Sure..... it only gets about 6 MPG but it's really really FUN. And I'm working on the MPG next. A new ignition system, headers, and a cold air intake to start. That and some new shocks so we won't bottom out going through the roller coaster roads in New Mexico and Arizona .......
Autum on a big rock holding up Luna

First night at the Grand Canyon. We LOVED the shuttle buses. This is from a vantage point near the Visitors Center which is also wonderful. We happened to get there the night of the full moon and got to this spot too late for the sunset but in perfect time for moon rise. The other folks have lots of very cool pics of us pinching the moon, farting the moon, kissing the moon and mooning the moon.

But I go this one of the kid holding up the moon.

I like it.
Girl on the edge.

We got a number of cool shots here on this vantage point. This is the only one I got with my phone.

Looks FANTASTIC doesn't she? :D