Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shopping day

Today we went to the sparking hell of Pueblo to get some stuff so that the plumbing could move forward. We got: 2 toilets; 2 vanities; a low 5' tub, posi-temp fixtures for the showers and the guest room tub; a shower base; venting for both fart fans; 100 feet of bell wire; and a laundry sink.

It took all damned day.

We used our Lowes 10% off card at Home Depot where we found almost everything, and had to pay mostly full price at Lowes on the stuff we couldn't really find at Home Depot. Of course we did find a $350 vanity for $89. Actually it was Crys that found it.

We got everything we needed except the master bathroom tub. We want a nice 6 footer and they all have to special order those in.

I am falling asleep in my chair, very tired. Tomorrow we'll get back to the electrical. Then on to the pumphouse. :D

Denman ........ OUT

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