Saturday, December 24, 2011

This is off one side of the roof. It was 2 feet deep in the midpoint. Ug

Got the roof cleaned off yesterday. We've had 2 snows of over 18" and several smaller snows. At the mid point on the roof there was over 2 feet of accumulation even with the settling that happens. I got started a bit after noon and finished after dark. It was COLD out there :D This job would be more fun if you didn't have to shovel off the deck after you clean the snow off the roof :D . I'm really glad it's done though. I was starting to worry a bit about all the weight up there and now we can go through a couple good, big snows without stressing.


MASSIVE wood chopping

Saturday, December 17, 2011

my idea of heaven

It was Saturday and we've shopped around the internet and online but hadn't gone shopping together yet, so (After Crystal opened her TOK Christmas with her gang of online knitting nutsos) we took off for Salida. Yes, it's in Colorado. :D Takes us about an hour and a quarter to get there, nice mountain town, good shopping lots of local art and such. Great place to go rafting in the summers.

But I digress......

We wandered around town a bit, Crys* got some "goodies" to savor later on and we picked up stocking stuffers and such. Then it was time for dinner and we went to Amica's. It's a pizza micro brew in downtown. Crys* had the Strong Scotch Ale and I had a Raspberry Porter. I always like to try new things if they sound odd. It was odd, good too. We each had a lovely veggie calzone and enjoyed our beers while listening to Texan's munch nearby and discuss their skiing holidays. :D Texans are very cute sometimes, when we don't want to kill them. Dessert, we splurged a bit, was tiramasu for me and chocolate cannoli for her. Both delish.

You really should hand with us. It's always fun.

Shopping day reward...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

P90x2. Starting January 1 at our house. Whaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaaa......... ouch

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tree in process :)

We got a City Market tree this year, and are having lots of fun putting it up and getting some "stuff" underneath. We love that you get to see it as soon as you top the hill and see the house.

Yeah!!!!!! Christmas!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Left-Over Sweet Potato Cake Recipe

Left over thanksgiving sweet potato cake

Holiday Left-Over Sweet Potato Cake Recipe -

Absolutely delicious. I'm not a fan of thanksgiving sweet potatoes with baked and melted marshmallows at all! When we ended up with left-overs, I had to find an alternative to just letting them rot. This cake is great. I brought it to the office to share and everybody loves it. It would be even better with frosting, but with the number of pieces I've enjoyed, it's probably a good thing I didn't frost it.

Huge snow storm the last couple days...

18" of snow over a day and a half. LOTS of shoveling, thank goodness we have a friend who popped through and plowed the driveway for us. :D

BTW, it's day later and snowed again last night. :D We are going to have such a fabulous spring!!!!!

Christmas Tree Inspectors