Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking the night off

Tonight I'm taking the night off. Picked up some more "stuff" to get the electrical done today and that's a good thing. I keep finding out little tid bits here and there that I need and didn't know about before. It's a little maddening but good to know before I get too much done and have to back track.

Last night Crystal helped me install the bathroom fan vents through the roof and I got the hole drilled through the block for the 2" electrical service pipe. Also found out the rental rates on a mini excavator so I can get the site prepped for the power/pump house.

The roof vents went up between thunder storms. Nothing like being on a metal roof in the rain during a thunder storm. Heck I can only think of one thing better than that.....

Taking my solar shower under the trees while the lightning crashed and the rain threatened. It hurried me up a bit to say the least.

Best part of yesterday? Drying off in the 5th wheel and sitting down to a nice dinner while the rain came down like it was the end of days. There's something good every day if ya look for it.

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