Saturday, April 18, 2015

New generator news to follow:

The Generac Eco Gen 15 KW generator is completely connected now. It took a month, and I was working almost 24/7. I sat and watched it sit there, laughing at me. It's so nice to have it finally hooked up and properly programed.

So now our new Eco Gen will turn on if the battery bank gets low, if a big load is applied or if the state of charge (SOC) falls below 60%. This should make it easier to travel and live a nice life that's more free of worry. I did it all myself. Insert proper pat on the back now.

I just cancelled a meeting that would have involved a lot of people that treat me like an equal and as if they like me. That's not a common occurrence in my home warehouse. My customers needed me due to a big storm storm. And the weather was shitty for a 250 mile drive. I've learned that putting ones self at risk for a meeting is really a bad way to approach life. Mostly I miss getting to hang with my friends. I don't have many close friends, and I find this group particularly wonderful. They recognize that I'm not the "norm" and love me anyway.

I dislike being torn, I'm quite certain they'll forgive me.

I'm hoping the over time slows down soon. I'd love to just chill. Retirement is less than 5 years off and there's a lot to do so it's hard to turn down the opportunity for extra funds but I want to make sure I don't ignore my family in the process.

Balancing acts. It's all balancing acts.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I have never been in a relationship that I just didn't know the person I was involved with. My mind is reeling right now. I keep asking myself what the signs were that I could have seen. Why would a person I loved just go off the deep end so completely. What will I do different in the future? What could I have done differently? How can I be sure my next friend or lover isn't completely nuts? I guess there is no way to screen out the secretly seething angry person. No way to back away slowly when somebody doesn't show you their true self. It truly does break my heart to look back knowing I gave them a good chunk of it. What can ya do? Just get busy living I guess. Moving on.