Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hail dirt

Taking a break. Went and got the mini-excavator today. It's a Bobcat brand, works pretty well. I've used it a couple times before digging in sewer lines for myself and other folks. That dude is HEAVY behind little Red, but we made it here without incident. I get to put 8 hours on it this weekend before overage costs are applied, so I wrote down the hours from when I started :D.

I didn't get started digging until 10 'cause it takes a while to get rented, loaded, traveled and unloaded. Glad I get two days.....

Thus far? I got the pad site mostly leveled for the pump/power house. I did it by eyeball and then later got out some stakes, string and a string level. It's pretty close. Close enough for me to be happy with it in any case. I can get it finished up with my tractor at my leisure without having to use precious $26.75 hours on a rented machine.

Then I got the ditch dug for the electric. I'm putting the 1/0 triplex underground in 2" schedule 40 PVC because we have moles. That should make it last a whole lot longer, and I'm putting it in at 30" deep. I only need 18" by code if it's in pipe but I like to be a little safer than that.

Just as I was starting to get the electric pipe together the heavens opened up. It hailed for a while, then we had a frog strangler of a rain. Now I'm hangin out while it moves in and out. It was time for a chips & cheese break anyhow. Back to work soon..... I don't like to sit too long.

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