Saturday, November 28, 2015

A little Thanks of this, a little Giving of that.

It's been a nice holiday around the old homestead.

It started out, as many holidays do when guests are coming, with a project. This Thanksgiving visitor project was new shelves in the studio. From my local lumber yard (Valley Lumber in Monte Vista) I got four 8' long particle board shelves and a pile of 2X2's. They turned into 2 sets of shelves 15" wide by 16' long above the pottery wheels. It was a bit of a trick hanging them above all the junk I needed to move up onto them. :D . Good thing I've got 6 hands.

Then all the stuff moved up off the floor, Bill Burch came by and all the recyclables moved out. I even found an old carpet remnant on a different set of shelves that will make it nice for Crys when she's working out there on her fiber stuff.

Our friend, Val, from Denver brought her 3 dogs and that space was perfect for them to be warm and safe and our cats to be neither assholes nor dead.

Then we made a great holiday meal, our friends Melissa and godson, Mason, came out to enjoy it with us.

Today I'm prepping a wire project for later next week. I'm off for a while yet so I can work on stuff around the casa that I never seem to get to.

A good bid came back on our solar supplies for replacing all the stuff we got on the solar shed. They even included a healthy repeat customer discount. It's gonna be hard for anyone else to beat. I may have to change my opinion on wholesale solar. They kinda made me mad a few years back.

The rest of the weekend will be playing, drinking, relaxing.

Life is good.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Framing, framing, framing

Now is the not showy part of the greenhouse building. It was fun and made good pics when the posts went in and the outside plywood went on. Now is the part where I put in the 2X4 supports which involves lots of cutting and digging and screwing. I got my top and bottom boards on yesterday along with a few of the mid supports then had to quit for lack of wood.


I'll hope to get back on my framing on Monday, as there are no lumber yards open on Sunday unless I want a nice 3 hour drive.