Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are home from vacation and enjoying being home.

Mom and Pop and we rode back in their giant 36' RV. It took about 3 days and we got home Sunday afternoon with enough time to get stuff put away and settle a little bit before showering and falling into bed. There's not much that's better than eating and sleeping and showering in your own home after a week or so away. We got to meet and oooh and aaah over the new Cria and the growth of our little chickens that we left after only having them here for a month. They grew a lot but are still friendly and fun.

The folks are camped across the bridge in their RV and are settled in nicely. They get up early and take care of themselves, we have coffee together and play a bit during the  day and they go crash out about 6 PM (the 2 hour time difference seems to factor in). Yesterday we went riding around the countryside close to our house, it was fun. Didn't even scare dad too much.

The barnyard is doing well, the fires are staying far enough away and while the smoke is a bother it isn't even as bad as years past when the fires were much further away.

We'll see what today holds. I'm not getting any work done on the place, but living is important too so we'll do that for a few days. Enjoying family.