Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, it's easy to tell when we're busy and workin because not much gets posted. :D

On Tuesday we passed the electrical rough in inspection on the house. Pretty happy about that. Then we went to work putting up nailiers for the drywall to get attatched to. On Monday Sawyer Brothers will put the spray in foam insulation throughout the entire house, top to bottom and including the crawl space. We hope to have it sealed up really really well that way and save energy there for the rest of our lives. After Brian and his gang get done we'll go back to work if we can stand the smell then take off the next weekend and go to the Crestone Music Fest.

This weekend I'm 97% (Hee hee hee) sure I have a mini-excavator rented. I'll use it to trench for the lines from the house to the pump/power house and propane tank. Probably will put in a spare pipe or two. The construction rule is that you should put in everything you possibly can while you have a ditch open. I try to follow that one.

Now if I can just get the lead outta my ass and get started......

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