Hey! It's the first day of my vacation. The weather has turned here in El Valle. It didn't get over 25 today, cold blustery wind too. I got a little bit done. Mostly my play/work plans didn't pan out so I did other stuff. It was WAY too nipply outside to try to hang that errant piece of siding so I took some into the shed for a day it won't turn into a sail with me as the boat. My new trailer kit got delivered to my buds house, we'll start cleaning the garage space probably on Wednesday. Then I can get it put together and start sourcing the stuff I need to build the teardrop trailer body on it. I also get to pick up a trencher tomorrow. Might finally get some power run to the sheds and such. That'll make winter a lot more fun since we usually leave and arrive home in the dark during December/January.
There's a nice fire going in the wood stove and it's a toasty 73 here in the house. The woman oughta be getting home in another hour or so and we can settle down. I love being on vacation, no worries that the phone will ring in the wee hours and I'll go freeze my ass off pluggin fuses and tracing down outages.
Yep, didn't get much done today.... but we'll give 'er hell tomorrow.