Monday, July 19, 2010

Step by step

It's that part of the job. The part where it looks like it'll never get done and it'll never and and you just spend day after day doing a bit here and a bit there and it never really looks like you're getting any more done. Today after work I picked away at the electrical some more. I put staples in the stuff in the roof for a good while (until I ran out of staples again, that's three boxes of 100 that I've used up). I measured to see how much pipe I'll be needing to run the service wire outside to what'll be the pump/power house. I put in the boxes and wire for the smoke/fire alarms.

We're gonna try our best to have it ready for the electrical inspection next week.

I gots to get a hold of the well driller and get them to put a pump in. Odd that they're the only people that can legally do it.

Very odd.

Might be going to get a propane tank this weekend too.

I think we need more to do.

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