Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gorgeous sunset tonight... after so much needed rain.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is our llama... her name is unknown... I was thinking Iris or Hazel...

The lovely Llama who will be the main guard for us and keep coyotes and foxes and apparently even flying predators away from Stanley, and the chickens and other goats we'll have, seems to have a pretty good disposition for a Llama. She comes to us from Brad and Terri and looks to be pretty fierce when she wants to be.

Of course this hurries up the plan for the pole barn and barnyard. We'll have to get a fence up FAST. And, as usual, just when I need everything working well I got a shoulder that's barkin at me. So we'll probably hire a couple college folks to come pound in metal fence posts, and Brad will lend me his 3-point-pto post hole digger so I can set the corners and maybe get some poles started for the pole barn. It'll be 2 stories and also function as storage and we even think we know where it goes. :D

His name is Stanley... don't think I will change it either :D so cute!

Stanley was named by the nice folks who are gifting him to us, they let the grand kids name him and since the Dad's name is Sam they like to keep it in the range of S's. Odd the mom's name is Pieta but that doesn't figure in somehow. Stanley is an angora billy and is about a month and a half old. He's also very friendly and seems to have no trouble being a hungry happy little goat. Now if we can just get the fence up........

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Team spinning contest

Several contests went on at the SLV Fest, this is the one where one person treadles and the other person drafts. They go for length, most contests are judged on either length or weight. It was part of our fun, mellow Sunday. This was nice, since on Saturday the wind tried to blow the fest to Walsenberg. We kept most stuff on property with a lot of help. Saturday went well until the wind with the vendors doing well and everyone seeming pretty happy. The wind tore up some tents, and dragged down some spirits and left a couple minor cuts here and there. Over all most folks were upbeat and that helped make Sunday such a nice day. Several helped both hold the tent up and helped break it down on Sunday, like Becky and Alina, Christie and Pablo was a big help too.

We're home now relaxing. It's good.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Andy at the SLV Fest

Andy Skellenger, is a fabulous Tabla player from Crestone. He agreed to do the SLV Fest for Crystal, and he did a wonderful job. People tapped their feet, and listened and bobbed their heads and Andy played and talked and explained what he was doing and it was simply wonderful.