Sunday, May 14, 2017

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This is from the previous page :D

Hiking the hill to the east of home.

 This is a view of the hill to the East and just a smidge south of the house. I decided to walk there.

 I like this little tree sentinel that is standing all by itself on the hill in the morning sun.

 This is looking toward the volcanic basalt rock flow that heads west and onto our property.

 This is a little view to the South as I was heading up the hill. Lots of fun views all around.

This is looking back toward home as I was heading up. The twins are a landmark for us.

 One needs to always stop to smell the flowers, in this case a cactus that's just about to bloom.

 Way up on the hill the Indian Paintbrush are just starting to bloom, this one is all prepped for beauty.

 This is a look down the vertical side facing the south, a short step to a long drop! Gotta watch out.

Here's a video of the 360 degree view from the top of the hill (the one on the south side of the two). On the hill that is on the North side of the two there's a little jar with paper and pencil for folks to put their name and location on. Several of those are on hills around here, it's kinda fun. I was the first person to put a name on it for this year.

Here I'm coming back down the hill, looking toward home again. This side is really steep!

 This is a view back up the hill I just walked/stumbled down. I sure wouldn't want to go up this way!

And finally a view of the hill I climbed up, after coming back down. The light is sure different here.