Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's getting towards Spring.

The first mountain blue bird showed up here last week. That usually means we'll be getting toward spring and outdoor projects and growing things soon.

Almost all the solar upgrade materials are here and on site. That project will happen in 3 stages so that we're not out of power for too long :D.

Nearly all the snow is melted from the geo dome project site, once the mud is gone I'll get out there and start framing it up with the 2X4's and hubs.

Once the frost is out of the ground we'll work on framing in the forms for our glass-a-gama kiln for pottery and glass blowing. With what ever concrete comes extra on the truck (always order a full truck, anything else is a waste) we hope to make a nice concrete parking pad on one end of the house so visitors need not slop through the mud.

Today? It's still a bit chilly and overcast, so we're just chilling in the house. That makes it easy to do a bit more research on the orchard I'd like to get going. I found a lovely blog from someone at our same altitude and such. It had great recommendations on trees and all that stuff. I'd love to leave an orchard behind when I leave the planet. :D

Thus far, the new phase of our work and home life is working out really well.