Saturday, August 10, 2013

Today I am working around the homestead while Crys* is up at Tin Cup with her family. I would have loved to go along with but we've been doing so much this summer it's hard to get to the work we gotta get done before winter settles in.

It's also been raining its ass off around here so everything is REALLY soggy. Green too. It's a lot like living in Ireland at the present time.

Just finished pouring a concrete floor for the chicken house, to help keep it clean and critter free since they'll be laying soon. After this I'll go rewire some in the solar house and get ready to take out the generator panel. It isn't very useful for us and it's taking up space on the wall. We're going to see if a friend wants to buy the generator. If he does we'll get a bigger one that will run our electric kiln.

After that I have to prep for bottling my first batch of beer. I'll probably prep today and bottle tomorrow. Unless I blow up the power system........

one never knows