Saturday, March 8, 2014

We've decided that we need to start posting more.

This is the year we hope to finish up lots of the stuff that we had to start and leave in limbo while we were building and settling in.

Thus far we are making really good progress in getting our shed finally gone through. Since we both had to move in a hurry and then had the summer/fall to build the place before we froze to death... many things were just thrown haphazardly into storage. That coupled with the amount of stuff that kept appearing for us to find a home for just lead to an entire building filled with way too much unorganized crap.

For 3 years we've been hauling out everything until we find what we need and then dumping it all back in to get to what needed to be done. This ended when I was putting new shocks on the car. I needed my spring compressors. I spend a day and a half looking for them because I'd already decided this would be the LAST time things got left in disarray.

It is now 2 weeks later and it's finally all getting put properly back together. Work and life gets priority, as we've decided nothing gets to get in the way of living from here on out. On the 1st weekend 43 boxes went to the trash. Crys* is now going through and listing for sale, 12 boxes of books. I'm going through my tools and categorizing everything for easier access later on. There's lots more room and we don't trip in there anymore. We hope to mostly finish up tomorrow.

That is all. Oh the critters are all good, and life is swell. :D