Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our first load of laundry hung out to dry... the first shirts were almost dry by the time we got to the end.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crys* at the bat cave above valley view

We're at the hot springs for Crys*' birthday (which is actually next week but she couldn't get time off because Greg got there first that dirty bastard). We've been coming up here for years to soak in the water and relax and take some time off and recharge. It's going well so far. :D Last night we did something we've wanted to do for years but never really got the time to get done. We hiked up the 1.7 mile trail to the bat cave, in the glory hole in the Orient Mine. It's well worth the trip. Mining at the Orient Mine was done using the "stope" method, that means they tunneled in, then broke out ore from the tunnel going up, sometimes as high as 200 feet. The glory hole comes from a collapse of one of the stopes, leaving a giant cavern riddled with tunnels going back into the mountain in which Mexican free tailed bats live to the tune of 100,000 to 250,000. They come out at dusk and eat all kinda insects. Useful little beasts. :D We loved the hike and loved watching them all fly out.

Tonight? Making sushi for the first time and having a bit of family in for company.

Life is good.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving day

This weekend is mostly dedicated to moving the 5th wheel that was our home for some time, and is not Crys*' fiber studio, across the ditch to its new semi-permanent home. We hope to also get some of the power house cleaned out and shined up for the new freezer we want. Gotta get ready for 2012 ya know :D

As usual we also have to fit some playing in. This week we saw X-Men First Class on Thursday night and last night we went to the drive in to see the new Pirates movie. It was pretty good, we loved X-Men too. Heck, we've been to the drive in twice this year, that's once more than we usually make it in any year. Our drive in is RAD!

This morning is the usual. Some coffee, some internet, a quiet slow wake up and then we'll get done what we can do. Tip of the day? As Tony says..... do your best and forget the rest.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Recovery drink

So we're working to get in shape for the wedding and the rest of our lives. And in the set of work out DVD's that we're using they like to try to see you supplements and a recovery drink and a bunch of other stuff. Our recovery drink is a margarita from nino's on this day :D We're flexible you might say

From the new drum circle... or green house.

This is on the hill right up by the rock. Here we plan to make some good spots for drum circle amphitheaters and maybe a hidden green house spot for special crops.

The beginnings of the bridge to the barn and studio and green house and fiber studio and apartment and garage :) Should all be done by next week right?

This is after the first 2 loads of crossarms. I have the final load of 30 on the truck right now and am hoping to get them put down today. That and we're hoping to get the temp fiber studio moved this weekend. That's kind of a big project, lots of batteries and stuff to move and a truck to borrow and moving moving moving. Might need to do a bonfire just to keep our spirits up.

The rock!

This is looking toward our rock from where the new building complex will be. We try to pay attention to the views and what they'll be from every thing we do and build. This should be a pretty nice studio view. Inspiring perhaps

Scoping out the barn

This years project, in addition to finishing last years projects...... is to get our studio built. To save on exterior wall heating we're gonna combine most of the rest of what we want into one building. The current plan is for a greenhouse, studio, barn, garage and apartment in one complex. In this pic we are walking the place off and trying to figure where to start and where to stop.

It goes easier with beer

Fire in Alamosa

This was a bit of a close call and a surprise.

Crys* was here getting a massage just hours before the boiler blew up and turched the whole complex. That's our little red car sitting by the curb on the right. The folks there were just getting their salon business off the ground, it's very sad, and we're really glad it waited a few hours and Crys* didn't die for a massage.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Relax. It's the weekend.

And double fisted baby!

We took a hike up along the rock to look things over. We're planning a "built into the rock winter greenhouse" for sometime later, and we are coming up with some ideas for tunnels and rooms and fire pits and drum circles.

Some day we should just chill I reckon........

Until then?


Driving home after shopping for some stuff at Catlin's greenhouse. We got flowers and some veggies and, of course, it was a last minute idea because we were driving home from Summerfest in Alamosa. That was fun, lots of vendors, some fun food stuff and we even ran into folks we knew.

The flowers in our hair fell off the basket we got, and we just hated to waste 'em. It was a fun day.