Friday, July 16, 2010

Plumbing to begin

Met with the plumber this evening. Jan Smith is his name and plumbing is his game, I just like sayin that I know how dumb and cliche' it is :D

He was quite pleased that 10 years ago when I poured the pad for the trailer I installed a 1" water line and a 3" sewer line under the pad at the proper depths. And that I had found and dug them out when I had the floor out. Apparently his jobs aren't usually set up quite that well.

We went all through the place looking at where we've laid out the fixtures and where the walls and drains will go. It would appear that our layout is also satisfactory. I did put most of the walls on top of studs and that means a bit of finagling to get the vent stack in. We discussed boiler options and water heater options. We think we'll go with about a 90% efficiency boiler and an on demand water heater. Those both use piped outside combustion air and I like that better than having to have an open hole to the outside in the boiler/laundry room. That reminds me I have to go and hunt a 130K propane boiler on craigslist as well as a propane tank......

Apparently we have to call a well drilling outfit to get a pump put in our well (the first time). Colorado law. Yet another weird unexplainable law. I keep running across them. Like the faucets for the tubs and stuff have to have posi temp valves. You set them so that no one gets scalded. We'll be changing the one in the master bedroom right after the final inspection.

And tonight the mountain blue birds arrived.

They are


that I closed in the house.

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