Sunday, May 20, 2018

Working on the door still. :D

Yesterday I got back to work on my doorway to the greenhouse. Thursday we went to Denver to visit the dentist and pick up our friend Aliena and our god daughter Ophelia. We're pretty excited to have them visiting, which they do once a year or so. The dentist? That's all I have to say about that.


I went to work on Friday and didn't get called in on Saturday, so I got some work done on the greenhouse entryway. In a strange and quirky twist of fate I actually got done more than I thought I should on Saturday. It was a lot of up and down on the ladder, and a lot of moving the bracing around to keep things properly aligned while I moved from just having posts set to framing in for the screen door and inventing what to do with the roof. It worked out well. I only hit my head crazy hard once. :D Sure it left a neat curving cut on my head but the sweaty blood when I took my hat off entertained everyone.

So here are some pics:

Next we'll figure out exactly how we want the roof to look, what to make it out of, and get the screen door hung. That'll mean I need  to get venting installed and put in a cat door. Then we can finally start on the inside.

Life is good.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Today I worked on the door frame for the greenhouse. Earlier in the week I dug holes. Today I set up the framing to hold stuff in place and then poured concrete. In a couple days when it dries I'll work on framing up the rest of it. The job went pretty well, and I took the rest of the day off to sip a bit of ruby port. It was good. It'll be fun to have the girl home tomorrow, I've missed her. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Tooling up.

There was a giant wind storm. I worked a LOT.

SO now we're getting stuff to work with. A hoard of battery operated Milwaukee tools are showing up here this week. Crys ran down to Lowes in Espanola today with the trailer to pick up a big order I made on Sunday. Man, you always want Crys to do this kinda thing. Lowes made a few mistakes in the order, and she got it all corrected.

So now I have the stuff to frame the greenhouse door and the tools to get it done with.

It's kinda funny how I've gotten to be this age (57) and am now, finally, collecting the things that make working easy. how cool would all that stuff have been when Crys and I built the house. It's like lots a stuff, seems to work a little backwards but it's all good in the end I think.

With any luck there'll soon be some pics of stuff getting done.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Trying out some new beers

         I got hooked up with a place on the left coast that sends out the occasional email and gives folks the opportunity to order beers to have shipped to home.

These are the ones we're trying out this time. Not too sure how often we'll get into this, it's not like it's inexpensive and how much should one spend on beer anyway?

    This one is a sour I ordered for Crys, she's a sour fan. It was a bit higher alcohol than a normal sour which was fun, and she says it's good.

  As stated on the label, Salted Carmel Stout. It tasted a little bit salty, and a little bit caramelly, but mostly it tasted like a pretty good beer.

    This is the IPA that we got. Ordered 2 of these and they're pretty good.

We're running the sauna this weekend, and relaxing. Life is good.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

A free weekend

Once a month, Fridays, I head to Denver for a union meeting. Since I have to take a vacation day to go, the weekend is free of call out. I kinda like this.

It's like a free weekend where you get to do what you want with out having to get interrupted. It's not like I really every do much that is earth shattering. Today I oiled up the studs on Crys' trailer so I can pull the wheels and get new tires put on. That and I cut up all the cut up all the slab wood so we can fire the sauna.

Now we're watching a movie, and chilling out. Who knows what we'll get up to tomorrow.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Geo Dome Greenhouse, working on the doorway

It is definitely time to get the door put on the greenhouse. We got the polycarb put on last September and then I ended up working way too much, then it got way too cold. 
 So I finally got started, last weekend on the retaining walls I wanted to put in so that the door can go on. Since we designed the space to have a slightly lowered entryway I had to dig in a ramp, the rototiller sure helped with that. Then some old crossarms from work helped to form up the space and make it ready for a door frame.
 The first weekend I just got the lower entry way done. This weekend saw the rest of the ramp go in along with the retaining wall for a more finished look.
And then we have the goofy walk into the space. :D

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Afternoon.

My back is healing up after Wednesday.

What happened Wednesday?

My co-worker and bud Perry and I took snowmobiles from Pinos' Creek up to Summitville Mine riding out the powerline. It was my first time ever on a snowmobile. In retrospect we discovered that the snowmobiles we'd rented were: underpowered; with too small a track. 

I got the living FUCK beat out of me. Perry, a long time snowmobiler, had very little trouble. He did mention that he'd rather ride trail than break trail. We broke trail for about 15 miles. I kept falling over, sliding off into a mess, turning over, slamming to a stop with my face buried in the snow..... basically every single newbie error that was humanly possible.

It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for me trying to lift the rear track out of a bad wreck/stop/slide/fuckup. My back actually emitted a loud pop. Then my legs quit and I had to lay in the snow for what felt like forever until they kinda started working again. The rest of the day consisted of lessening amounts of getting stuck, getting unstuck, dragging my agonized back up and over the machine to stomp and clear snow and ease the machine out of what ever snowy quagmire I'd gotten it into. 

Understand, when you're 10 miles from the nearest help, thrown your back out about as bad as you ever have, and you and your buddy are all you have? You reach down, drag your failing exhausted body where ever it has to go and make it work. Or you can just die. It's all of 8 degrees outside. Snow everywhere. Cold. Agony. Exhausted beyond belief. And you keep going. Because that's what construction is. You look at a job, say "that's gonna fucking hurt" and keep going. 

We made it back down. Perry helped me all he good. Good dude. My chiropractor, Polzin, says there's no permanent damage and I'll heal up. It's now Saturday afternoon. I'm feeling somewhat better. I'm moving like I'm 90. Crys is taking care of me. On to Today: 

We’re having a pretty good day. Played and lounged. Set up Crys’ new laser printer for her signing job. I found an old iPod in a drawer and we’re listening to what ever is on it in shuffle mode. Willie Nelson just followed Hammel on Trial. We went for a nice long walk in a strong cold breeze. Now we’re having some alcohol, Rich will be here a bit before 3. We’ll have pizza. Crys is making the dough now. They’ll get together on toppings. I won’t have to eat the nasty gorgonzola thank goodness 😃. We have a few windows open, it’s 28 degrees outside, the sun is streaming in the windows and life is good.