Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wiring and caulking

We started out today visiting a friend and then went to breakfast. All work and no play means you pretty much grind to a halt.

Then we got to work like every other day since April.

We're now taking our Sunday evening break at our friends house in Monte, catching up on Dexter. We love that show.

At the end of today's workday Crys had done the caulking in all the wet rooms and I got a good bit of wiring done. I got the last two bedrooms to get trimmed on electrical and a little bit of the living room. The propane fridge is now also fired up. Not really a whole lot of different stuff to go over. Just gutting it all out.

The flooring should be there in a week or ten days, we hope to have lots of the other stuff outta the way by then.

Reckon we'll see how we do.

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