Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rolling back the time

The clock ticked back but the construction moves forward.

We're really really really hopeful that by the end of next weekend we'll have real power and running water. Yesterday Crystal kept working on the mudding and taping on the drywall (in the wet rooms for now) and I continued on with the setting up of the power/pump house. With a bit of help I got the generator transfer switch mounted and the heavy-assed inverter put up on the wall. Then, because it's now November, I spent some time cleaning up our piled stuff in the yard and moving it into a compact pile in the storage part of the pump house. Today I'll continue with that while Crys keeps putting mud up on the walls.

I went on a killing spree yesterday.... as I lifted up the plywood from our temp outdoor storage 5 mice went running everywhere. 4 have passed on to mouse heaven and the 5th was seen running south west like its ass was on fire. We just really can't have them setting up housekeeping in the new insulation in our walls. It smells a LOT and is noisy and degrades the insulation values. I despise killing cute little mice, I just wish they'd live elsewhere.

The plumbers started on the gas a week ago last Thursday and then didn't show up again. They swear they'll be there tomorrow to start the final trim work on the plumbing and get us set for a gas inspection so I can finally get that damned 500 gallon propane tank filled. No one will fill it without an inspectors blue tag on it, and we just keep watching the price go up day by day.

Man it will feel good to shower in a house and not under a tree...... it's getting chilly out there.

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