Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mudding taping texture paint and a gun to the head

Today might "might" MIGHT be the day was pass our gas inspection and can fire up our own generator and the heat in the pump house so we can pass the water final next week. It all depends on the fella that does the state plumbing inspections for our part of Colorado. At last survey he is the least favorite of all the building/plumbing/electrical inspectors in this part of the state.

Our fingers are crossed.

Other than that? We think we've put the last mud on the seams of the drywall in the house. With any luck tonight will be the night we texture it all. Then we'll paint what we can before our vacation break this coming weekend. The break is all thanks to Crystal who is much smarter about the need to rest and recharge than I am. I'm more like the border collie that will play until its heart gives out because it's too dumb to stop and breathe :D

The kitties are working out, so far, and still wild as they can get but we're hopeful.

The batteries are in for the solar as are the rest of the cables to connect it all. Maybe early next week that'll all happen. I'm hopeful about that too. There is actually a foreseeable point at which there will be running water and power in the place.

This makes me VERY hopeful. :D As winter is about to land pretty darned hard around here.

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