Thursday, November 18, 2010

Priming in the house is DONE!

New paint... we finished priming before leaving this morning.

The pic is up from yesterday via Crystal's phone. We are currently abed in Las Vegas. It was a funny day yesterday.....

Got up, checked our email because we have found the spot in the house where if you magically put the Verizon MiFi in exactly the right spot in relationship to the cell phone booster you get the inter tubes..... Then we started getting ready to go. I got up to make coffee and the solar died during the brew cycle, but there was enough to drink (can't get the REAL solar up fast enough). Then we packed up our stuffins in our bags and did some getting the house ready to be checked on while we were out. Crystal made us burgers on the wood stove for breakfast and then at some point she decided we really should prime the whole front of the house including the ceiling before we left. :D

I love this woman

So we got out all the paints and rollers and went at it, good thing it was all still masked from the texturing experience. When we finished, all covered in paint, we decided it was once again time to take our friends Tim and Deni up on using their upstairs shower. I was COVERED in paint, guess I'm a roller all by myself.

So we did that, ran a fun errand on the way through Alamosa, and headed to Pueblo where I found out where we were going for my early birthday/rest trip.

Las Vegas baby.

Alligent Airlines had one of the most psycho loading policies I think I've ever seen but we ended up in seats together in the back after having to only move once. :D Seriously, they don't even understand how they're supposed to load their planes, it was hilarious.

Landed in Vegas, cab to hotel, wandered around a bit, had fries and chips and a margarita, showered and went to bed. Slept like the dead. Now it's morning and we're thinking about what to do today.... Crystal has a show (Zumaniti) set up for 10 tonight and I'll do my best to dress up, and it's Blue Man Group tomorrow night and we will not dress up.

Breakfast.... now that sounds good.

(When we get back on Sunday that'll be good too, and I have a frenetic schedule set up for finishing up some of the big stuff while I'm off next week... you know .... just in case anyone was wondering)

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