Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The compressor isn't the only thing that blows

Texturing DONE!

Last night the last of the house got sanded, sponged, vacuumed, masked and textured. And yes, that really is as much work as it sounds like. We had a little celebration when we were done.... a peanut butter sammich and a half each and some beer to boot. All the while that was going on the wind was


When we got up in the morning: first thing was I had to use the porta potty... it was on it's side. So yes.... I had to stand up the shitter before I could go. UG; that's when I saw the sheet of 3/4 plywood lying in the driveway. It bounced off Crystal's car to get there leaving a pretty little dent on the left front fender; the collection of wood/boxes/buckets and such is scattered over an acre or so; and it was cold.

It howled nearly all night long, the fire didn't wanna burn right, when I went outside once the trees were all bent WAY over in the gale.

At the end of the day..... the damned texturing is DONE DONE DONE I couldn't be happier about that. We gotta get it primed and painted but that's the easy part of the job. It was fun in a way.... of course the sanding and sponging and all that crap was like "wax on wax off Mr Miaggai" for way too damned long and our arms felt like they were gonna fall off. But once we had it all masked and ready to go the texture shooting was good.

We left the masking up for our painting, and we might or might not get it primed in the morning. We're gonna go do a mini vacation that Crys set up for us. So we'll not work and play instead for a few days. That'll be good.

When we get back: the batteries and every thing are in to FINALLY wire in the solar. We "might" have gotten our gas inspection today (the inspectors are being all undependable about showing up and I really really really hate that). When we have the gas inspection they can get us all set for the final plumbing inspection.

Can you say....


Flush toilet?


warm sink of suds to wash dishes?

Kitchen stove?


Many of those we've lived without for over 7 months now. It kinda helps you appreciate what you got when you get it.

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