Saturday, November 27, 2010

East Range shopping

Today we went shopping.

Our first goal was flooring. We went to 'Springs where Crys' father in law gets a discount. We looked around and were amazed that at Lumber Liquidators they don't really stock much of what they sell. Who Knew? So we settled on ordering our 620 square feet of 5" t&g heart pine, 3/4 thick. They'll ship it to us which only costs slightly more than driving back to 'Springs again.

Then it was on to Home Depot with our list and a nice selection of gift cards courtesy of our friend Sam who said he never gets around to using them so we might as well. They came in handy, as did Crys' new Home Depot card which gave us a 10% discount. We shopped our asses off. We had a list a mile long and it covered a lot of ground, from finishing up electrical stuff to bathroom trip and a whole pile of stuff in between. Only took one extra trip to customer service to get our 10% discount after they forgot to ring it up as we purchased the pile of stuff. The customer service woman was great and it didn't take too awfully long.

Then we went to dinner at the Olive Garden which I like when we're in Pueblo. Our waiter was also rebuilding his house. Tyler says it's nice to have a tub while doing it and we had to agree.

Lowe's next. Another pile of stuff. They are the most helpful home products store I've ever come across, the check out guy even managed to give us some money off when we discovered our coupon for 10% off was expired. (He rebuilt his house too). The most fun person was the lighting guy who helped us search through the inventory and open boxes to get to the ceiling fans we wanted.

Coming home we nearly hit 2 deer, miles and miles apart from each other. Both bucks with nice racks.

No it's not the same kinda rack as what you're thinking, get your head outta the gutter.

Home now. Dropping off to sleep. Lots to do tomorrow. Hope it all goes well. Today did.

OH, and total savings today...... $150 from the father in law discount at Lumber Liquidators; $125 at Home Depot from gift cards and the 10% discount; and $10 at Lowes from the nice salesman. So see? You can make money rebuilding your home if you shop carefully. :D

I must be really tired to believe that......

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