Friday, November 26, 2010

Plodding forward

Yesterday was the feast day and we day tripped to Thanksgiving.

Today Crystal was setting things to rights around the place and I was wiring. I started in the back of the house and worked toward the front following the north side. So now the bedroom, both bathrooms, boiler room, pantry, and part of the kitchen are final wired. We have lights on both ends of the house and Crystal's closet light works great.

Tomorrow we're gonna run to 'Springs and pick up the wood flooring for the front of the house. We'll make it a day trip and probably get a good meal or two along the way. Then tomorrow I'll keep working on the electrical. We'll start the flooring through the week, and I got cabinets to hang and washer/dryer, fridge, stove to install.

In my spare time. :D

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