Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winter came back to visit this weekend.

Thursday night the wind howled, the cold came rushing back, and snow settled on everything in sight.

It continued into Friday. And on Friday evening, in a howling wind, with the driving snow as a backdrop, we settled into our barrel sauna for the evening. Each time we stepped outside to cool down a bit we trod upon freshly fallen snow. Clouds of steam billowed about us, the heat seeping from our bodies and the cold feeding greedily upon it .

When we retired for the evening, it was warm, cold, wet, fiery and happy. Today has been a good day as well. Still chilly all day, the cold has settled in for a few days. It was a whopping 6 degrees this morning. We did our hour and a half of yoga, had a friend come out to visit for a while, and now we're chilling with the finale of Game of Thrones. (Which we call Game of Patron's).

Life is good. Hope yours is too.

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