Thursday, February 16, 2017

I take walks and sometimes there's a pic.

Today I took the first walk of the day up "D" mountain in Del Norte. On the topo maps they call it Lookout Mountain, sometimes I wonder how many Lookout Mountains there are in Colorado (and elsewhere). It's the one they put a giant star on at Christmas time. I was surprised at the top of the hike by a nice woman with very not nice dogs. One of them most definitely wanted to eat me whole. She remarked that he was a "funny" dog. I guess that's true, if funny means badly behaved because his mom is a dork that either can't train him or can't manage to carry a leash in a public park.

But I digress ....... it was a lovely walk, and a nice view from the top, a little windy, a bit chilly, and everything felt alive with the promise of Spring.

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