Saturday, February 4, 2017

The sauna is all but complete on the rebuild.

I worked on the sauna today. :D I do like working on stuff. This is a pic of the approximately 5 pounds of rust-flake I pulled out or the tray that sits atop the wood burner. After that I shop vacuumed the whole stove and, since I had it out, got rid of all the dust and spider webs that hid in the corners. I also added in a weather proof switch on the outside of the sauna to tun on the inside light. A funny aside, the guy I bought it from had never used the light. I wired it up and it worked. It had a 50 watt halogen bulb in it, that ain't gonna fly when you're on solar. I changed it to a 3 watt LED and it's just as bright. Go figure. So now all I have to do is replace the stove rock. The existing rock is really really fouled with rust, and I don't want my sweet Crys to have any crap going in her lungs, so, on Amazon I got 60 new pounds of rock with prime shipping. :D It's all coming together. I might not be able to effect a macro change in the U.S. but I can make things at home bearable until they get better. I love our life.

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