Sunday, February 5, 2017

And the sauna project is finished!

Today was the last day of work on the sauna, except for wiping off the mud from moving it (I did that after this pic) it's all set with the exception of the new rock for the stove. That's on the way because I tried wire brushing the rust off the old rock to no avail. Today I built the trailer park sauna bench you see on the left. The frame was what our fancy wood splitter got shipped in . Crys said it was too good to throw out so I put it by the creek to make a table out of in the summertime. Last night, while I was sleeping, this assembly idea came into my head, so after one lesson on my solar power class from SEI and my workout..... I hauled all the crap over and started building. It only took five 8' 2X4's. Or as we like to call them: tubas. 64' filled the top, another 19" made the under boards to hold everything in place and I had about a foot of scrap each that will go in the burner for the sauna. Then a little belt sanding with 60 grit and a random orbit sanding with 120 and it was done.
That was when I noticed I needed about 2600 steps to hit my 10K so I wandered up the road a piece. As I walked down the lane I noticed the mud looked unsightly on the barrel, so I got a bucket and washed it off. And it's DONE! :D. Just as I was finishing I got called to work (85 miles away). I just got home, did chores, ran a bath and I'm in it with beer and a peanut butter sammich on dark rye. (Yes, mom, I have water too). Start to finish the sauna project took a week. I call that a success. Wonder what I'll get into tomorrow?

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