Monday, February 6, 2017

Mud season, during the cold, grey, month of suck.

We're about at the end of a warm trend. Those happen here in the San Luis Valley from time to time throughout the winter. That cold white blanket of snow starts to melt off during an oddly warm week, while the ground beneath is too frozen solid to take in the moisture. The white turns into brown, slick, thick, gushy brown. You can't really call it dirt because during the sunny part of the day it acts more like a brown viscous river of cold lava, and when the sun goes down it turns to ice. It sticks to everything, there is simply no keeping it out of the house no matter how hard you try. You keep a pair of mud boots by the door to wear any time you step outside. You start out walking at 5' 10" tall and by the time you get where you're going you're 6' 2". Oh and your feet now weigh about 8,000 pounds. Don't try to scrape it off, it'll just stick to everything and when you try to fling it off it loops and smacks you in the chops.

The cold will be back tomorrow, and a little bit more snow over the next few days.

Good thing, otherwise we might run outta mud fuel.

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