Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time vs space, the continuum

So I took these pics a week or two ago..... and then didn't get them uploaded from camera to internet. Then there was a birthday party and took a couple days to get those pics uploaded...... The ones of the worksite no longer apply. It doesn't look anything like them any more. Might have to take a few more today.

No plumber yesterday. He had family stuff come up and that always should come first.

We now have every sheet of drywall up that we can do until the plumbing, stove chimney and range hood are here and installed. Probably about a week for those things. Then we have about 25 sheets to hang which is an easy weekends work. In the meantime there will be massive amounts of mudding and taping. Today I'll work on finishing out the window frames (got 5 done yesterday after getting the rest of the drywall sheets up) and there are 8 to go. Two have to wait on the plumber putting the tubs in.

Had a couple visitors yesterday, old friends. It's nice to take a break and show folks around. It's even more nice when they recognize that there's work to do and say, "don't quit working, we can chat with you while you do that".

I'm getting a little weary. So is Crystal. And now we're just about to the point where NORMAL people start a project. Carpet, flooring and stuff like that. :D

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