Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dirt and mud and chaos

Pablo came out today and got a whopping load of drywall finishing done. He and Crystal worked on that. I went and borrowed a skid steer (bobcat, though this one is a catapillar brand) and got a good start on the dirt work. So lots of drywall got done, and lots of dirt got moved. I'm thinking tomorrow will be more of the same.

Funny story though.... sort of..... my friend Larry loaned me his trailer to go get the machine. So far so good... but then some of it shredded when I loaded the heavy bastard. I called him right away and he's not worried about it. Then driving home the tailgate fell OFF. I didn't notice and had to haul ass back to get it outta the road before someone crashed their brains out by running it over. Musta looked funny.... I parked the truck and trailer and ran like hell to my pickup to haul ass back to look for that tailgate. :D So it was a bit of a rocky start but it's turning out well.

AND the plumber showed up today AND he put in the propane line. I ran a couple spare 2" pipes in the ditch and covered the whole mess up. Hopefully I'll remember to get some pics tomorrow.

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