Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dirt and mud and chaos day 2

Pablo went crazy with the mudding again today. He and Crystal and Christie worked in the house today. I spent another day on the skid steer. I'd call it a Bobcat because that's what most folks call 'em but this one was a Cat so it seems unfair to do that. I got all the basic dirt work done that I was interested in getting to so now while Crys keeps working on the inside dry wall finishing I'll be outside getting started on the pump/powerhouse.

Our plumber says that he'll be ready for the plumbing rough in inspection on Tuesday. If that happens we can finish putting up the drywall. All but one piece that's waiting on the insulation guy to finish up the re-install of the kitchen island vent hood.

As always, lots and lots to do. Hopefully there's time enough to get to it all.

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