Friday, August 20, 2010

Pesky day job....

Made some good progress yesterday, still have the bedroom to finish. I got called out at 3 AM for a couple hours which always makes me a little weary, then went to work for my regular shift. Crystal had to go in frighteningly early today so we decided she should take a little break last night and get to bed early. I got a few sheets up, finished the bedroom ceiling and the South wall and got one sheet (of 4) up on the West Wall. Got cleaned up and got called in to work until this morning at 3 AM when I finally got done. Crawled into bed, Crys' alarm went off what seemed like seconds later and I slept in what I could.

I'm thinking tonight we'll both be pretty tired and that tends to impact productivity. :D Not that big a deal, I think we'll still make our goal of getting the drywall done in time for Crys' mom and Jesse to help us (show us... do it.....) put in the carpet.

And the plumber SWEARS he'll get started today.

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