Sunday, August 15, 2010

Relaxing, perhaps some Choc Van Straw...

We got 30 sheets up this weekend. And 24 on the three week nights previous so that brings the total to 54. That leaves 59 to go. Got up all the lid I could in the open part of the house while Crystal did walls. So now 24 of the 35 can lights are cut in, and not too badly if I must say so myself. Had to leave a hole for the island range hood to go into and a space for the wood stove flue to be installed. The entire exterior wall on the North side is done, along with the same for the East side. Tomorrow night we'll work on the rest of the living/TV room, then it's on to the master bath while (cross your fingers) the plumber get us all set for the plumbing starting tomorrow.

And special thanks to Christie and Autum for coming out. Christie did the low expansion spray foam in every single window and door in the whole place. Priceless.

Gotta get backfilled and started building the oversize pump house...... It's the middle of August you know.

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