Saturday, August 21, 2010

The plumber is in the building!!!!

It kinda took me making the show up or I have to find someone else phone call but Jan made it there at about 5 PM yesterday. He got started and got to drilling holes and figuring his layout. We can finish the hallway and it won't bug him so there's still dry wall to put up and he should be ready for the rough in inspection this week.

That means while Crys is at the Saturday showing of tuition and fees (pesky work thing) I'll be trying to finish the dry wall in the master bedroom and getting the hallway done if possible. We got 5 sheets up last night amongst final decisions on the plumbing and getting the wiring into the boxes for the LAN and TV stuff.

Once the last of the dry wall sheets are up the real rock work begins.... trimming out the windows and putting up corner bead and mudding and taping.

PLUS!!!! When the waterline and propane lines are in to their respective main service locations I can go ahead and backfill that damned trench that's been keeping me from getting the pump/power house up. Look for LOTS of dirt work over the labor day weekend while Crys is putting up tile and sponging mud. (I think I get the good part of this)

And by the way..... there is not way to spell tiling, tileing (the process of installing tile) that looks right so I reworded that part. OCD much?

And did you know that Jones Soda has commemorative Buffy the Vampire Slayer sodas? I'd already have some but their shipping is prohibitive.

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