Sunday, October 5, 2014

Since it wasn't going to do itself, we finished the deck.

This morning we are sitting under blankies, with computers and kitties. We're looking out on our 2 weekend project, the deck. It took 3 full on days of sanding. Not a little here and a little there but 14 hour days. :D The first weekend I sanded until dark on Friday night, then Saturday till 7:30 PM, then it rained for 5 days. We started up again Thursday night and sanded till dark again, started up Friday morning and went till dark and I finished the edges at 2:30 PM on Saturday. Crys* was staining like mad and I was trying to keep ahead of her yesterday. A friend of ours (who does not wish to be named here) helped out bringing us more toner and mineral spirits and pitching in on the application. The funny part? The deck wraps around the trailer so to get in and out we had to climb in and out of an open window by standing on some concrete blocks. :D We finished about 5:30 PM so we have today off. We have to keep using the window until at least this evening, so if you come out go around to the west side.

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