Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Power to the chickens!

For the last 3 days I've been working on a little wiring project. It involves running a couple different sizes of underground secondary a total of 400 feet. It comes outta the house, under the foundation, then heads both south and west. South is to a plug for the Christmas tree, one for the tractor and then it heads through the pound yard into the chicken coop. To the west it feeds Crys* 5th wheel fiber studio and then on to a duplex RV plug. 

I borrowed a trencher. Never borrow a trencher. Rent one. Rent a good one. 

Monday and Tuesday I spent all day trenching. I finished up the initial digging Tuesday night about 5:30. Today I returned the lovely trencher, got some material and started making up and back filling. This was an early day, I finished up around 4 PM. Tomorrow I'll work on getting the power out the the chickens so we can quit using an inadequate set of extension cords to keep the waterer thawed. 

Man, I was totally beat Monday and Tuesday night. Yesterday afternoon while I was hauling out a boulder with a digging bar I fell and just laid there for a while convincing myself that it was worth getting up and getting back to it. :D I must be getting old. 

The good news is that now that is done. There are plenty of horsing the trencher stories, but for now I think I'll just enjoy this beer I have opened to celebrate.

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