Saturday, October 25, 2014

Brewing and prepping

This weekend we'll do the initial boil on 3 beers for winter. A gingerbread stout, an apple IPA and a sugar maple porter. The stout is going now, and we're defrosting the fridge.

Defrosting the fridge you say? Yes. When one lives off grid and had a propane refrigerator it takes the occasional defrosting like in the old days :D. It's easier in the fall and winter, when we put the food out on the deck in coolers there's no rush to get it all done.

We're watching our god-son this weekend. He's 6 and currently watching some cartoons. He forgot to bring a coat so we won't be getting him outside for a while yet. But sometime this weekend his Tia will take him for a wild buggy ride.

We're also gonna try to get Crys*' big paintings from her art school days sealed and hung up in the studio so we can start making shelves for that space and get it to a useable condition. And I might try to make the outside stand-up bar down by the creek. I'll lineman the heck out of that, crossarms and all thread and big holes :D.

It's another good weekend. We plan to enjoy it till it's all gone.

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