Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beer and paintings.

This weekend we're watching our god-son Mason. We've been busy. :D He's a lot of fun. My new nick name for him is Random Jones.

I got three new beers brewed this weekend: Thundercookie Gingerbread Stout; Maple Sugar Porter; and Carmel Apple IPA. We bottled a porter that gave us some trouble fermenting and surprisingly ended up at 6%. While all that was going on we were hanging Crys*' paintings up on the OSB wall of the studio. That was was originally an outside wall and shows it even though we painted it. The really large paintings were ones she told me to throw out because they were too hard to store. As usual, I didn't listen.

SO, yesterday morning Crys* cleaned and sealed all the paintings, then we worked together to put them up. There were only a few we moved around on the wall, but that was fun too. As the studio progresses there will be shelves in front of the art work and they will be the back drop of our life as they always have been (though unseen).

In fact here's a celebratory pic:

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