Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Prettiest Fall so far.

This has been the prettiest fall since we moved out to the place. They've all had their beauty but this fall the nice weather is lasting into late October. The days are warm, the nights are chill and the evening skies are often clear for seeing the stars.

We've been remarkably productive, sometimes in spite of some lingering health "stuff" that tries to keep us down but doesn't quite manage. In addition to getting the deck sealed for winter we got the house all arranged for the cold season and company recently. As is usual it was prompted from someone being nice to us. A friend we're helping get ready for a big move gifted us a new coffee table, end tables and some wicker furniture. SO we re-arranged the living room and cleared out a bunch more stuff to fit the tables. The wicker is out on the deck for lounging. :D. The outside is all cleaned up and ready for snow as well. We even have a dry place to put our rick of wood for the first time ever. Last summer we picked up a nice little snow blower so perhaps my back won't go out shoveling the hundreds of feet out to the critters or keeping the decks cleaned off.

This weekend we'll get to watch our god-son and I'll brew up the 3 beer kits I ordered in. As is usual they're a little on the fancy side and we'll enjoy getting to try them around Christmas :D They do tend to make good presents.

Time to get up and poke the fire. It's only the 3rd one this year.

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