Friday, June 25, 2010

Workin on walls

Yesterday was not a work day. I wish it was but I had other crap to do and I did that.

TODAY, I got the rest of the spray foam put in the cracks where I'd closed up the ends of the house. Then I put two walls together on the floor. See.... ya put 'em together on the floor and then slide them in to place. Of course I'll have to jack up the roof to get them in there but I think that'll be fine. I got help tomorrow and perhaps on Sunday as well. It would be nice to get most of the walls in. I foolishly thought I'd get them all done last weekend but there was just too much to get done ahead of the walls for that to happen.

Then we had a really lovely rain today. It only came in where I'd removed vent stacks through the roofing, and that's a good thing.

C'mon tomorrow! Oh and I freecycled my old trailer out there. Someone is coming to get it around 11

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