Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Framing nearly done

Today I got a good long work day in. There now remains only one wall and one floor to put down. (I'll probably beef up some of the rest of the flooring but that's all easy stuff. :D So yesterday's total was the wall dividing the bathroom/closet, the closet door wall, and I got that hallway wall with the 2 doors put in place. The master bathroom and small bathroom got their new 3/4 plywood overlay on the floor too. It all came out pretty good. The small bathroom floor came out so tight I had to beat it into place :D. Oh and I got some nice flexible roof seals put on the spots that were leaking where the old vent stacks came out. Didn't need them all and some of the old ones were just leaky, so I did that and sealed all the seams on the roof. That oughta help.

I love beating shit.

Today I'll build the arched door to the master bath and put down the plywood overlay in the boiler room. Then I have to get to town to pay my house payment before the late fee :D . I'm a REAL 'merican, I pay everything dang thing at the last second.

The funny thing yesterday was upon my return from getting materials the whole place was fulla cows. The fellas were driving a herd from one place to another and since this place sat empty for so long they'd gotten used to watering up here. I told 'em that was all just fine and invited them to rest in the shade by the creek. They were real nice.

OK, must be time to get to work. I'll post a pic or two when I get to where there is a real internet connection. We're still fighting that one.

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