Saturday, June 26, 2010

So there are Christie and Autum. They came out today and helped me put up walls. We got the load bearing walls up today which felt really good. Then we got the 2X6's cut for the wet walls in the bathrooms. We assembled on of them and I'll finish nailing it into place tomorrow. Maybe Anthony will make it out again, he's fun too.....

Had to wait till Crystal made it out to decide a couple things. You don't get to build a house every year so it's good to take the time and get it just like you want. Gotta decide where to put doors, how big to make the guest bathroom, left or right hand doors..... all time consuming decisions. I do see the end of removal of stuff in sight. Still pulling out a bit of wall or ceiling here and there because they're in my way.

So tomorrow Crystal and I will work on more wall stuff, Anthony might come out and I always like seeing Mr. Wonderful. We'll see how it goes. For tonight I'm tired.



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