Saturday, June 19, 2010

Floors. And staples.

So no walls went up today. Like most of my fancy plans I forgot to take the limitations of functional reality into account. :D

Anthony (Mr. Wonderful) and Christie & Autum came out today to lend a hand. We all pitched in and got all the old water damaged flooring out (about five 4X8 sheets worth) and nearly all the staples out of the ceiling. Anthony got the trailer load all straight because I can't seem to hit a 5 X 10 foot hole, while Crystal and Christie pulled the old staples (BIG staples) our of the ceiling that held the old crappy ceiling material in place. The old ceiling was removed a couple weeks ago amidst much dust and mouse poop encrusted insulation coupled with virulent cursing. I worked on floor demo. Then when all that crappy old particle board was out I took the angle grinder to it and chopped off nails and removed old gobs of glue and wood barf so that the new flooring could go in flat.

We're bushed.

Will hit it again tomorrow hoping to get the flooring in, the two posts set in the living room to make it all one space and perhaps a wall or two thrown up.

Feels good to be about to build something and be done getting filthy nasty vileness with the tearing out.

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