Saturday, December 3, 2016

Last weekend of the vacation

We got a little snow over the last few days. It's nice to finally have our friend, Winter, settle in to stay for a few months. We managed to get all cleaned up outside before everything got covered with its seasonal blanket of white. A giant pile of split wood is dry and stacked under cover of the shed. Our new pile of solar panels and inverters are giving us enough power to stay entertained and working away, even when it's cloudy. The little kitty we re-homed ran off as soon as we let him out. After a couple weeks he has decided to let us know he's still out there. He's sitting outside windows and chatting with our 2 indoor kitties, I think they're making friends. And he left a perfectly outlined, my melt, kitty foot print on the welcome mat at the back door.

I haven't gotten the usual amount of things done on this vacation. I don't really mind. We did get the corners of the house cleaned up, had a great holiday meal with friends, put new glass in 2 of the entry doors, and finally got to have a home-vacation. We've cooked and cleaned and walked and chilled in front of the TV.

Pretty sure I like that.

So we have today and tomorrow to get our last chilling out done before I go back to work and probably work every single day till the Christmas holiday. Perhaps I'll make the money to get that storage container I want and clean out the shed. :D

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