Thursday, December 22, 2016

It's looking like a white Christmas around here.

We're up this morning checking the intertubes for the lastest.

It's snowing. It snowed a couple days ago, and it's snowing again. Then it's supposed to be clear for 3 days or so before it snows again. That's good, we have family coming in for the holiday, with one set showing up tomorrow (Friday) and me or Crys driving to Denver on Monday for the other set. Sometimes the driving in the snow can be a bit nervy.

I've been out and swept off the solar once already today and it's building back up. Looks like it'll be a most of the day chore. This will be a good test for the new panel system. We'll see how we end up today. The wood stove is going, since there'll be no passive solar heating today, and we have to work out at some point before I leave for work around noon. Maybe today I'll leave closer to 1. :D I do get a bit of flexibility.

OK, enough of the sitting around. I think I'll go sweep.

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