Sunday, December 11, 2016

boiling boiler

The boiler repair job went well. Just had a couple little things to jury rig and it all went back together just fine. Kinda cool, now we can leave the house without worrying that the whole thing will freeze solid. That was pretty much the big thing for the day.

Today I put the new tire on the car and put all its flotsam back together, then I put the spare on the truck, I have to go put a new tire on that rim tomorrow. I got the floor jacks put in the car and truck, as I have an intense dislike of scissor jacks. The one on the truck had just worn out, I'll have to keep my eye out for a larger one on sale for the pickup. Then we brought in all the Christmas stuff and I wrapped up the few presents I've got here for Crystal.

Crys worked on boxes and business stuff for part of the day, we cleaned up the house a bit and now we're taking our Ancestry DNA tests to send in which will be followed by a bath.

It's a big day around here.

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